Deep Ocean Applications

SAIS Custom Housings for Projects


SAIS has a nubmer of pre-designed, off the shelf camera housings that can be adapted to fit a camera specified by the customer for a particular project. Below are some examples.



Custom Camera Housing for Lockheed Martin Corp.






Completed November 2010.



Custom Camera Housing for Stone Aerospace Inc. (SAI), Ocean Research firm in Texas. ( )


Custom HousingStone Aeospace needed a custom aluminum housing with a 4.25in OD, and 7.5in of internal space. One end was modified to accomadate the 6in diam. dome that you see in the photo. sub aqua imaging for underwater equipment design
Stone then placed their own Ethernet camera inside the housng and used it for a project in Antarctica. This particular application only needed to be rated for use to 68m (230ft) but this design is actually capable of going about three times that depth (205m / 675ft). The design was based on one of our predesigned housings.


The main limiting factor here is the plastic dome. It was only pressure tested for 70m for this project. However, we have several other domes for deeper depths available.


We have a number of completed housing designs that have been tested to the 1000m / 3280ft depth and beyond. These "off-the-shelf" designs often fufill the needs of customers in search of a watertight housing for a camera, battery-pack or other electronic equipment. Because the basic design work and testing has already been done, custom modifications to these designs are usually relatively inexpensive and simple to implement.


Completed November, 2008.


(see our housing flyer)





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